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Aluminum Alloy & Chazence® Natural Tea-Waste Material

About Chazence® :
Chazence® Materials Features:
100% from recycled tea leaves
• Strong & Natural
• Nature Based
• Textures & aroma of tea leaves retained
• No plastic and formaldehyde

The special edition of the designer pen is produced from Chazence® eco-friendly new material. The material in use is regenerated from tea residues, bringing no harm to nature. The production is partially finished through handcraft instead of the machine. Keep on supporting a low carbon living and be kind to the earth.

Macau's Chazence team develops unique eco-friendly global patented technologies. The leaves used are recycled from tea leaves wasted from the tea industry and do not contain plastic and formaldehyde. Looking closely, the users can smell and see the aroma and color of the tea leaves. The material is essentially natural and creates no harm to the soil.


產品名稱:Opt.Write X Chazence® 設計師筆裝-限量版

鋁合金 & Chazence® 天然棄茶葉再生材

關於 Chazence®
Chazence® 材料特點:
100% 回收茶葉
• 堅硬、天然
• 自然物料原材
• 保留茶葉香氣
• 不含塑料、甲醛

這款筆由 Chazence® 環保新材料製成。所用材料由茶渣再生,對自然無害。生產部分更由工匠技藝手工製作代替機器完成。謝謝你繼續支持低碳生活,善待地球。
澳門的 Chazence 團隊開發獨特的環保全球專利技術。使用的茶葉是從茶葉行業廢棄的茶葉中回收,不含塑料和甲醛。仔細觀察,用戶可以聞到茶葉的香氣和顏色。材料本質天然,不會對土壤造成傷害。

OPT.WRITE X Chazence® Designer Pen – Limited Edition

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